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For the legitimate Intention to comply with our contractual obligation to send you notice of your transactions on our website, we need to request and store your personal information. Your personal information is stored securely and processed according to the European GDPR guidelines. Your personal information is stored in our systems until you request it to be deleted or until we find it irrelevant to the purpose of this application. You can change your personal information at any time and the change history is preserved. The purpose list for which your personal information will be used is below:

1. We will send you information about your orders and transactions through our website.

2. Subject to your consent, we will send you information about our products, services, discounts and promotions.

3. We may share your contact information with our partners who will send you information about their products, services, discounts and promotions, subject to your consent.

You can choose to delete your personal information from this application. Please see the option to delete personal information.

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